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Hello all dancers, I hope you are all keeping well and can you believe that half of the year has already gone!! All my dancers are making progress and I hope, enjoying themselves. We often agree that there is no point doing this unless you can enjoy it, despite the frustration of the learning.

Intermediate solo dance class - I am pushing them at the moment (we have a new rumba routine) and their frustration is almost palpable but, based on past experience, I know they will get there as they work so hard and yes. they are progressing well despite what they may think.

Beginners solo dance class - this is also going well and we have a few new ladies with us. We are adding more dances to the list of those they can do (including Paso Doble), so its brain work and muscle work. That is the beauty of dance - exercise for the body and the brain!

More information on the group classes are on the events tab. Sadly, I am having to increase my group class charge from 1st September. I have been hanging on as long as I can but with increases in my insurance etc it is no longer possible to wait. My apologies but I've made it as little as I can.

Private lessons are normally at St Marks as well, ususally around the times of the group classes.

Medals - a latin gold medal is the next pursuit - watch this space!

Private lessons continue as before and all are making progress.

In short, I am a very happy bunny with all of my pupils, thank you all.

So, if you are new to dance or an existing dancer and think something above may interest you, then please drop me a line. If you are a new dancer, please don't feel imtimidated by the thought of it and how everyone else will know more than you, firstly, everyone forgets steps sometimes and secondly, dancers don't bite. The St Marks church hall has a car park which is generally ok with a good surface and sufficiently lit. 


For any information please call or drop me an e mail

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