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 Happy New Year to all dancers and let's hope we can continue to dance throughout this year.

All solo classes are now back to normal as are private lessons. I suspect my pupils think I shouldn't have time off over Christmas as I have set them a few challenges!


My private pupils are also coming along well with a few working towards ballroom medals - exciting times.

I will look at an opportunity for a tea dance maybe around Easter but I am also considering a monthly practice session, maybe a Sunday afternoon. Please let me know if you are interested. This will not be before March as the location I am thinking off may have some icy roads and I really don't want to take any risks for me or you.

 So, if you are new to dance or an existing dancer and think something above may interest you, then please drop me a line. If you are a new dancer, please don't feel imtimidated by the thought of it and how everyone else will know more than you, firstly, everyone forgets steps sometimes and secondly, dancers don't bite.


For any information please call or drop me an e mail

Take care and stay safe









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