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Update - 24th June - the group lessons for the summer are rather sporadic due to holidays and commitments of my pupils and myself, so if you are not a regular please contact me before attending, thank you

A quick update until I sort out the dates for all classes through the summer.

The tea dance went off well and was enjoyed by all. There may be another one later this year so watch this space.

Intermediate solo dance class - this is going well at Broadwas on a Wednesday morning, lovely floor, no interuptions from anyone and a relaxing and refreshing outlook. Although I wouldn't say that the dancing is relaxing as I ensure they work quite hard - well done ladies, please keep it up

Beginners solo dance class - this remains at St Marks Church hall and is also going well. I am starting to push them a little more now as their confidence and ability continue to grow. No slacking now ladies!

Medals - work continues in pursuit of these and I expect they will be ready in the late autumn.

Private lessons continue as before and all are making progress.

A new small group of couples start their lessons at the end of May and we will see how that goes, I hope they like a challenge.

In short, I am a very happy bunny with all of my pupils, thank you all and here's to a sunny summer.

So, if you are new to dance or an existing dancer and think something above may interest you, then please drop me a line. If you are a new dancer, please don't feel imtimidated by the thought of it and how everyone else will know more than you, firstly, everyone forgets steps sometimes and secondly, dancers don't bite. The venues I use all have car parking facilities etc so there is no need to worry over that. St Marks church hall has a car park which is generally ok and the Broadwas car park is terrific. It is St Marks where I see my private pupils presently.


For any information please call or drop me an e mail

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